Project: Visual Brand Identity

Client: UT Austin, Dell Medical School

Creative Director & Designer: Hoyt Haffelder

Some of the best work is usually left on the cutting room floor. This project is one of those and it's one of my favorites from 2017. UT Health Austin is the clinical enterprise of Dell Medical School. Which is a fancy way of saying the part of the organization that interacts with the public by providing care. 

For this project I created the entire identity from scratch. Most entities at The University of Texas at Austin fall under the brand umbrella but there was a slim chance this brand could exist outside the umbrella. Ultimately the organization decided to fall under the brand umbrella.

Directly below are the presentation slides followed by a few examples for the brand concept. 

  Services    Creative & Art Direction, Typography, System Design

Bag 0440-1 2018.jpg
Poster 0488-6 2017-03-20.jpg
Bus 0520 2017-03-18.jpg