All projects begin with a conversation (more specifically a creative brief) about a client’s needs. Whether you’re a mom and pop eatery, sports franchise, or national agency we’ll discuss your needs, audience, and goals. My creative process will uncover a unique approach to facilitate your needs and impact your audience. The steps below outline my general process for projects.

 1. Discuss  

  • Client completes creative brief form

  • HS provides quote and contract

  • Project fees, timeline, and deliverables agreed upon

  • Client pays project deposit (50%)

  • HS provides follow up questions (if any)

 2. Research  

  • Internal use

  • HS investigates competitors

  • Gather inspiration and resource material

 3. Design  

  • HS Creates & Presents Round One Designs

  • Presentation of concepts

 4. Review  

  • Client Reviews Round One Designs

  • Client provides feedback

  • Discuss revisions

  • Steps three & four repeat

  • Client approves concept

  • HS schedules delivery of approved design

 5. Produce  

  • HS completes production files of approved concept

  • HS completes styles guides (if applicable)

  • HS facilitates production with vendor (if applicable)

  • HS provides final art

  • HS sends invoice for remaining project balance

  • Client pays remaining project balance