Pricing Models

I offer three types of agreements. Each agreement has unique benefits and is ideal for certain clients and project types. 

Retainer Agreement


The retainer agreement provides a set amount of hours per month for a recurring price. Hours are not transferrable and don't roll over from month to month. I track and share hours as they are used so you'll never be surprised. If you use up your hours but still need work don't worry, we'll agree to an hourly rate and I'll keep cranking out projects.


  • Dig into your long wish list of design projects. Whatever you want, just send them my way.
  • No more worrying about billing. The agreement locks in your monthly price until the agreement expires, so you'll never be surprised about pricing.
  • I'm on call. Part of my monthly hours are set aside for your work so you get quicker and easier access to me.
  • Ideal for any project type and great for clients with on going work.


Project Agreement


The project agreement provides a specific project scope for a set price. This agreement uses deliverables not hours. It takes a little extra time to setup this agreement but it protects both sides. You'll always know where the project begins and ends. If you have a request that falls outside the agreement, don't worry, we'll agree to an hourly rate and I'll continue work.


  • Helpful for uber creative projects. Because this agreement doesn't use hours it's ideal for projects requiring intense creativity.
  • Excellent for short-term or one-off projects. Only need business cards? This agreement is ideal for singular or quick projects.
  • No recurring payments. Once the project concludes and the agreement is paid in full, no additional payments are required.
  • Great option for clients with immediate specific needs.

Hourly Agreement


The hourly agreement provides a specific, non-recurring, set of hours. Because this agreement uses hours rather than deliverables it's faster to setup. If you need additional hours, it's a simple amendment and work continues. Hours are not transferrable and don't extend past dates in the agreement.


  • Easily accommodates production work. Because this agreement uses hours it's best for production (non-creative) work. 
  • No recurring payments. Once the hours are used and paid in full, no additional payments are required.
  • Expanded flexibility. If deadlines or project approvals are fluid, this agreement is a perfect fit. 
  • Great option for clients with immediate and less creative needs.