Project: Visual Brand Identity, Logo

Client: UT Austin, Dell Medical School

Creative Director: Courtney Manual

Art Director & Designer: Hoyt Haffelder

Always carry a pencil and paper when meeting with clients. You never know when they will dish out a nugget of information that will help a project fall into place. Take this logo project for example. During a client meeting we were discussing a concept that was ultimately abandoned in lieu of the final one you see here. Courtney stated that this group was a seed from which a broader initiative would grow. I intently captured her inspirational words. I later returned with the final version you see here, which was well received by the entire department. 

The Founders Circle is a giving society for the Dell Medical School. Members of the society are catalysts of change. They are the foundation from which the seeds of of philanthropy will grow. The identity is a simple monogram 

  Services    Art Direction, Typography, Illustration, Brand Strategy