Ugly paper costs the same as pretty paper

Designers often want big budgets and all the bells and whistles. Throughout my career I've success by seeing the potential in mundane projects.

Take this invite for example, it was a small run digital print. The budget was small. I couldn't letterpress, emboss, or varnish because it had to digitally print. But that doesn't mean the project couldn't be well designed. By selecting a pearlized paper stock and designing something that is detailed the piece successfully hide the small production budget.

My takeaway, limitations are the fuel of creativity.


It's Complicated

Everything is so…

It can be tough working on, well, anything! Projects specifically, seem to ask more questions than there are answers. Answer one of the new questions and three more pop up. Then three more. Feels like whack-a-mole. I'm not sure why things are so complicated. I think, in part, it stems from to much information. To many places to check, reviews to read, or people to ask. We…I feel crippled by the weight of obligation. Thoroughness used to be much more simple. We knew less, were certain for it and were happier for it. 

My path forward is to check less and trust more. Trust my sense of purpose, my intuition.